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Thank you, Tanya and Kayla for finding simple ways to bring so much meaning to the session- from the opening question, “ What are you excited about?” to the letter to ourselves, to naming what we needed most in that moment, to humanizing the social determinant of health and expanding the definition of self-care. Very humane and so effective. Its rare to strike that balance. Thanks again for sharing your talents.  
— Public Health Participant
The activities and pace of vulnerability was good, the facilitator was good at responding to different things we brought up and specific needs. I loved the tips for honouring my body. I felt affirmed that I already had many tools for self-care.
— Good For Her participant

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My second interaction with Tanya came when she was one of the facilitators for the BrAIDS for AIDS workshop. She again was super professional as I had come to expect, but because of the type of workshop it was, she also made sure to be open, approachable, and perceptive. Her segments were always chock-full of detailed info broken down in a way that was easily “digestible” for a novice hair care expert as myself. She was very hands on and willing to answer any questions. Her priority was providing accurate hair care information in a sea of misinformation and also creating a safe space to openly discuss sexual health, and self care.I’m so grateful to have met Tanya and I know whether the world’s ready or not she is definitely coming to take it over and I wish her continued success on her journey and will to be a consummate supporter because she has proven that she is more than deserving of it! Alicia Enniss
— BrAids for Aids workshop participant Alicia Enniss

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