We work with you to redefine beauty using three pillars, services, education and products .

“Redefining Beauty is the process of collectively creating space for a rainbow spectrum of beauty. It is the process of providing space for healing, challenging mainstream beauty, allowing people to see themselves and ultimately empowering self-love.”
— Tanya Turton
Client : Ziva Ferreira Service: Hair and Make-up

Client : Ziva Ferreira Service: Hair and Make-up

Client Services

Your Hair and Make-up Partner

With a speciality in walking clients through new experiences we know the relationship with your beauty is a unique and special bond requiring attention and communication. As your beauty wellness consultant, we will facilitate the growth of your friendship with your hair and make-up journey for inside and outside transformation.



The Beauty Myth tells a story about beauty we work with you to redefine beauty and write your own story .

Each of our unique and special identities are attached to beautiful stories of resilience. Through connecting to community and having a space to discuss, identity, self-love and beauty, participants will access a greater sense of confidence and community connection.


Affirm Collection

Affirm Collection


As you evolve so does your beauty.

We provide beauty products to help you feel like your self at each stage in life. With an understanding that feeling beautiful requires outer and inner support, each product is meant to empower your self-expression, self-love and self-confidence. We encourage unapologetic self-care; our products provide a way to wear your inner self on the outside.