NiaZamar Team 

NiaZamar is a collective of Women of Colour under 30 from various intersecting identities working collaboratively to empower self-love, beauty and community healing. Each member is creative and passionate about being an agent of change. 

Lead Artist and Founder (CEO)

Tanya Turton is a Black femme artist and community worker. Born in Kingston, Jamaica and raised in Toronto. Her love of storytelling and writing brought her to art. 

 Tanya is a licensed stylist and  has worked in the beauty industry since 2007. While working in salons she had opportunities to be involved in all aspects of the industry including: client services, fashion shows, hair shows and television. In 2012, she graduated from the Ryerson Social Work program with a Bachelors of Social Work. She later went on to complete the George Brown Entrepreneurship certificate program in 2014. 

In 2008, Tanya began her community work. Her love for community brought her to youth work and community development. With a background in facilitation and workshop development, Tanya has had an opportunity to use art to share skills and challenge oppression within multiple communities and organizations in Toronto.

Tanya Turton launched NiaZamar January 1st, 2015. After spending eight years in the beauty industry and community work, it became clear there was a gap. NiaZamar exist as a bridge and space for community to heal and blossom in creativity. 


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Administrative & Operations Assistant

Danielle was born and raised in Toronto and is a recent graduate of McGill University. She majored in Psychology, and minored in Behavioural Science and History. While at McGill, she was able to find her niche in neuropsychology. Through her degree, she was able to explore the wonders of the brain, and appreciate the large impact that mental health has on an individual. Danielle’s professional background has specifically focused on working one-on-one with individuals with special needs. This experience led her to pursue a Masters in Occupational Therapy.

Danielle’s desire to educate those around her inspired her to team up with NiaZamar: Redefining Beauty. She has worked within the healthcare profession supporting individuals with special needs and disabilities. She feels that her knowledge obligates her to educate and to be an advocate of healthcare, the inner workings (i.e. scientific basis) of mental health, and the importance of mental health.

Danielle has grown up in a spiritual household, and it has always been a core part of her; it is where she is able to find her peace. She looks forward to mixing her scientific and practical knowledge in healthcare with spirituality. She feels that the blending of the two can pose a significant impact on the way in which we access healthcare.

Danielle hopes to run workshops with NiaZamar, to educate the community, as well as to be an agent of positive change. 


Social Media Manager

Fonna Seidu is a radical care bear, community artist, and strategic alchemist. She is energized by archival collaborations, grassroots education, and making projects and events come to life. She wholeheartedly supports community building, personal development, and self-care practices. 

Fonna has a background in media assistance for artists, activists and youth organizations. Her passion for strategy, organization and beautiful imagery has allowed her to expand various brands. 

Fonna has developed a gift in strategic alchemy and uses it to infuse love, magic and beauty into media planning. Her passion for creating change and love for community brought her to NiaZamar. Fonna develops and shares messages from us to our community through various platforms. 

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Financial Manager

After graduating from Downsview Secondary School in 2007, Vicki Nguyen went on to purse her passion in art. At Sheridan College, Vicki earned an Art Fundamental Certificate and attended an Animation Portfolio Workshop the following year. To financially support her education, she joined The Bank of Nova Scotia as a Customer Representative and uncovered a new passion in finances.

At Scotiabank, Vicki held various roles such as Customer Relations Representative, Customer Support Representative, Balancing Teller and ABM Custodian. In 2012, she joined the Legal Department as an Administrative Assistant and was promoted two years later to the Assistant Manager, Administration. Her current responsibilities include: managing the Legal Department operating budget, preparation of financial reports, reviewing and signing off legal accounting entries, assisting Senior Managers, Litigation & TyMetrix Management with TyMetrix upload and quarterly report and supervising Legal Administrative Assistants and annual summer students.

Currently, Vicki is enrolled at Ryerson University pursuing a Human Resource Management Certificate. Vicki has been supporting NiaZamar as a passion project since its planning stage in 2014. She passionately develops financial strategic plans in line with sustainability, growth and our mission statement.