Thank You 

This page is very special to me. This page is always my favourite in books and album covers. This is the page I get to speak to you as Tanya. The girl who left the beautiful Island of Jamaica with her family based on a dream and grew up on Lawrence and Black Creek dreaming of the day she could change the game. The one who has too many questions and still searching for the answers. The girl who laughs too loud and smiles for nothing. This is the page in books and albums where you find out no one can do this alone. No one makes their dreams come true on their own. There is always a team of people. This is where I get to say thank you to mine. 


My mother, you are the reason I am able to dream big and love hard. You taught me how to love and for that I am grateful. Your compassion and ability to love is one I have always admired. My purpose a gift from you before I knew my self. I named this business NiaZamar because it represents all you have taught me.  You always believed in me. You allowed me to believe in my self when people said I couldn't you helped me figure out how I could. You passed down to me the gift of creating art from hair, shared with me all your stories of when you were a stylist and taught me the key to being amazing at what I do is not just in talent but in love. You are my MVP.

Thank you for teaching me the true power of love and encouraging me to chase my dreams.


You have loved me from before I existed. You shaped the women I am today more then you can imagine. My dear father we have had many a rough times but without you I would not understand the importance of culture and politics. You taught me to love my culture, my roots and my Blackness. 

Thank you for teaching me to question everything. 


I treasure you all so much I am tempted to thank you all individually but there are so many of you I would not know where to start. As the youngest child I must say my siblings have done more for me then they know. I am grateful for the love and support received from my siblings, their spouses, my aunts and cousins. The encouragement from all the hairstylist and social workers in this family meant the world to me when I wasn't sure I could do this. I was 10 when I told my God father under a tree in Jamaica what I wanted to do with my life and he thought I was joking. I am grateful for adults who asked me difficult questions forcing me to think of complicated answers. 

Thank you to my sister Diana and Grandmother who were both birthed on January 1st.

Diana, the time spent watching you get ready forged my passion in make-up and your effortless flyness lives with me forever. The way you left pushed me to want to change things. I saw what you went through and wished I was old enough to comfort you. Because of you I have dedicated my life to equity, love and making each moment more pleasant for young women who society has yet to carve space for. You taught me the value of a safe space for marginalized people. Thank you. 

Mamma, Yuh a di realist. Mi love how yuh always a mek joke wid your grandchildren dem. Yuh are my link to queen nanny and the blood that keeps me resilient. Thank you. 

With both of you watching over me I am confident in every step. May You Rest In Peace. 

Joyce Knight 

You started teaching me cosmetology at the tender age of 14. Do you remember?! I stayed in your class for 4 long years. wow oh wow how time flys. Here we are, you and I have aged but the love remains the same. I started Central Tech with the belief I would go on to pursue theatre arts, I lived in the english office as we both know. You supported me as a writer (remember my first play?) and all around artist. You and Kav were my school mom and Dad pretty much. 

Thank you for putting that comb back in my hand every time I threw it down and said " I can't do this". You were right. I can. 

Robert Smauel 

Robert!! So I was 17 with a concerning relaxer and afraid to neutralize a perm when I came through those doors. You taught me that hairstyling is not just about the look but about the relationship with hair. You taught me how to show the hair love and work with every texture that sits in the chair. You also taught me how important education is. Because of you I educate and share all the information I possibly can with my clients. 

Thank you for teaching me how to cut curly hair. Thank you for being my mentor. 

Hair 2 Fams 

 I love you all! Thank you for Training this young one. You were my other family and I love every memory of us in the orange, brown and cream shop. This dream started in that building with clients who encouraged and supported me. Every story shared with me was a lesson I needed. Thank you. 

Dion and Alana, thank you for telling me to follow my dreams and brainstorming with me on ladies nights. 

Carin Charles & Carins Hair Studio 

I have only known you for a short time but your impact has been great. I stand here today as a licensed stylist because of your support. 

Thank you for believing in me. 

Niazamar advisors 

All of you know who you are, you are the ones who brained stormed with me. You encouraged me years before and stayed for the ride. You helped to approve logos and layouts. You are the ones who took random phone calls and emails at all hours of the day. You asked me hard questions and processed with me. You were here for this process. You are clients, colleagues and friends. Thank you. 

Shannon Ashman, Santasha Mcnab- Moore, Simone Ramkison, Chantel Lilly, Natasha Paul, Lexy, Felicia Cary, Jenna Rose, Aja Fernandes, Vicki Nguyen, Simone Wright, Stacy Williams and Tasha John, Drake Smith, Alyssa Williams, Just to name a few. Thank you for helping to shape this dream into reality. 

Website PHOTO SHOOT Crew

y'all are champs. Like actually amazing. You are a collection of artist who supported me on possibly one of the most important days of my life. You made it through a long day and their are not enough thank you's I could say for all the hard work you put in. 

Alyssa williams, Rodney Diverlus, Aja Fernandes, Chantel Lilly, Shannon Ashman, Khadijah Lilly and Sean Carson. 

Thank you for your patience. 


Those who loved and believed in me. Who listened, cried and laughed with me. You all know who you are and I will never forget. 

Thank you for keeping me T. 


Thank you to the community that raised me. To the baby sisters, community programs, neighbours, my parents friends, Amsbury community centre and library, literally everyone in the community including artist, facilitators and community educators. You insured I stood for something real. You kept me grounded and humble. I know all I know because you taught me. 

Thank you for my education.