International Womens Day Love Letter to the Sisters

Make-up and Photography by: NiaZamar   Model: Lereen Francois

Make-up and Photography by: NiaZamar 

Model: Lereen Francois

Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.

-Maya Angelou

I wondered to my self what would I say to celebrate this day, what would I share with my sisters that was meaningful enough to honour them. The answer as per usual was, Love. What I know how to offer best and honour is my own heart and the love it willing to give. This is for all the ladies who have ever felt like not enough, too much or simply didn't know where they fit. 


Dear sister, 

I love you. You may be wondering how I can love you without knowing who you are, but my love is unconditional. Love is not based off of doing or being anything for approval, it simply is. Love is knowing that the same divine energy that lives in me is also in you and we are forever connected as one. I tell you this because like you I have felt like not enough. Like I couldn't get it right. Nothing I did seemed enough to receive the love I was looking for. I wanted the affirmation of my lovers, family friends and peers to sooth the voice inside of me that told me that simply as I am I could not be loved. I still struggle with that voice. But I want you to know right here, right now that voice is lying to you. You have always been enough. If you did nothing more today, if this was all you contributed to the world you would be enough and so worthy of love. That smile you share with your loved ones, crooked or straight, your enough. The days you can't get out of bed because the world is too hard or the days you wake with the sun hustling hard, both those days, you are enough. Fat, skinny, tall , short all the variations or your corporal self is beautifully enough. 

Self Love is the daily exercise of remending your self you don't have to do anything to deserve love. Not a solitary thing. Self- care is the realization that the world profits off your destruction so it is self- preservation to be proactive in caring for your mind, body, soul and heart. Be good to you because you are the only human with you forever and you need you. 

With soo much love,