Glowing Up... The process of self-discovery

Make-up, Hair, Photography and Design by  Tanya Turton   Model: Kayla Carter 

Make-up, Hair, Photography and Design by

Tanya Turton 

Model: Kayla Carter 

    Many of us now in our twenties or late teens have passed the awkward stage of life that is puberty.  We acquired the basic genetic makeup to call our selves adults but still feel we are not living or existing at our fullest potential. With social media fame becoming a viable career choice many of us are sitting at home on instagram wondering how we can personally rise to our fullest potential and Glow-Up. 

   Im not sure who first coined the phrase glowing up but the urban dictionary describes it as 

"To go from the bottom to the top to the point of disbelief. An incredible transformation."

     If you ask me personally I would describe glowing up to be a process of self-discovery and development. Glowing up is reflective of the moment we realize who we truly want to be. Glowing up is the moment many of us start to recognize that we are truly art. 

My 26th Birthday 

My 26th Birthday 

My 26th Birthday 

My 26th Birthday 

     My personal glow- started in high-school right before I graduated and entered my undergraduate program in Social Work. I decided I wanted to be grown and sexy, I relaxed my hair and started to fake the funk of confidence till it became mine. I saw results. People started to tell me how beautiful I was and my dating life was a little more interesting.  My next glow-up was 3 years later, I cut off my relaxer and returned to natural hair, I coloured my hair burgundy, started paying immaculate attention to my hair game, nails and coordination of my outfits. My nails and eyeshadow would match as I headed to my downtown Toronto campus on a regular basis. If you asked me what changed, truthfully my definition of self love did. My previous definition was based off of fitting what I thought it meant to be a beautiful Black women in university, later my definition came to be about art. I wanted to express my deepest emotions and desires using colour, texture and fabric on my body as art. That became the best way to reflect my self. Since then I have had many moments of glowing-up.

My most recent would be my twenty-sixth Birthday. I woke up that morning, lit my sage and set my crystals in front of me as I shaved my head. That moment was deeply spiritual for me. That was the moment I made a decision to be okay with letting go. 

    I tell you this story to say that most of us will blossom and butterfly many times in our life. Each new discovery of self is a new opportunity to shift your self expression and overall aesthetic. None of my past glow-ups were right or wrong. They simply paved space for the women I am today to emerge. 


Recently our artist educator Kayla Carter decided she wanted to shift her style. With the creative direction of Kellie Asante our Hair Care Associate we decided to make a shoot out of the experience. 





    It is back to school or the ending of summer for many, if you are personally wondering how can you glow-up, here are five steps that may be helpful. As you may know by now the NiaZamar approach is to focus on inner and outer beauty so prepare yourself for a lil bit of work.  

1. Be open to change. Glowing up requires letting go of past perceptions of self and who you thought you would be. Glowing up often means letting go of ideals and situations that no longer serve you. 

2. Heal. We all have pain that needs to be released. There is usually trauma that you need to release in order for your true self to shine. This means opening your self up to processing and conversation. Letting it out will lighten your heart, your step and allow your true self to look back at you in the mirror. Sometimes this is difficult so please feel free to enlist the help of friends or professionals. 

3. Try new things. Start experimenting with new colours, food, sports and music. Start to explore your likes and dislikes. Being fierce and fabulous is an energy that comes from self-expression. Try new things so you can understand what you want to express. 

Make-up, Hair, Photography and Design by:    Tanya Turton    Quote and model: Kalya Carter 

Make-up, Hair, Photography and Design by:

Tanya Turton

Quote and model: Kalya Carter 

4. For Real Tho, Let Go! Clean out your closet, donate the clothes that no longer reflect you. donate clothes that have painful memories or energy attached them. Change the formation of furniture in your room. Allow old energy to move away and new energy to come in.

5. Be Authentic. Glowing up is only truly successful and sustainable when you are truly being your self. Glowing up is about reflecting your inner self out ward. Become really cool with who you are and stop worrying about who you "should" be. Shine like the star you truly are. 



    Truthfully glowing-up can be a long process of self-love taking months or years. Glowing -up is not simply a make-over it is an awakening. It is a shift in perception and reality. It is completely possible but will require patience and compassion for self. 

  If you need support in your process please free to register for our one on one glow-up classes and someone from our team would be happy to help. 

Be kind with your self. 

With Love,