Sunday Self Love: I can Rise Above #mothersdayempowerment

Happy Mothers day Loves! 

Join us as we sit with Karen Mackenzie and discuss the life of a hustle hard mom, entrepreneur and career lady. We discuss her many obstacles and how she practises self-care in her busy life. 

I Can RISE Above Inc. young women empowerment initiative is a program that is meant to inform, inspire and involve young women in the Toronto area to become active citizens in their communities. It provides young women with the opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with their peers as well as networking opportunities with community partners and professional organizations in order to establish realistic life goals for their present and future.

  Karen Mckenzie is a true example and role model to the young women she serves. As a single mother to her beautiful 6 year-old daughter, she has successfully completed the Bachelor of Social Work program at Ryerson University in 2012, and went on to complete the Master of Social Work program in 2013 while receiving various post secondary and community awards.

In 2010, she founded I Can RISE Above Inc. while completing a placement in the Chester Le Community. This program. was created in response to young women from various Scarborough communities who voiced concerns regarding the lack of relevant, meaningful and ongoing programming available to their demographic (not to discredit work that is currently being done by other organizations) as well as lack of significant female role models.

Over the past 5 years, Karen has worked in partnership with key community organizations and stakeholders to deliver capacity building workshops and annual young women empowerment conferences for girls in Toronto and the GTA. Karen continues to demonstrate that “despite any challenges you may be faced with in life, you can RISE Above it”.