Sunday Self Love: Soul Purpose, Chakras and Meditation with the Healing Boat

Hi Loves! 

This Sunday we enter a spiritual journey where we are able to explore our soul purpose and the path to becoming comfortable with not knowing. Danielle Lobo form the healing boat explains chakras and meditation for those of us wanting to incorporate spirituality in our self-love. 

"Danielle Lobo is the owner and sole proprietor of The Healing Boat. She has a unique gift of tuning into spirit by providing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing to those seeking change. She is initiated into the Munay-Ki Rites. 
Graduating from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Physical Education and Health and a Master in Education, Sociology and Equity, Danielle's experience ranges from 10 years of youth work, with a specific passion for Indigenous justice. 
Danielle is a scorpio - the sign of transformation. Scorpio is feminine, healing, water energy. Scorpio delves into the occult for freedom. She also works as a commercial boat captain and is strongly connected to the water spirit ancestors. She enjoys writing music and submitting short stories in her spare time." 

Please Check out the healing bout for more info or to connect with Danielle.

Music: Kevin Macleod