Rainbow Kisses Cosmetics Review

Hi Loves! 

I am so excited to share with you a Toronto based make-up line that encourages the use of make-up as an art form. I love these lipsticks not only because they go on smoothly and moisturize your lips but also because they believe in being unapologetically bold. With out a doubt they are a brand to look out for! 

"Rainbow Kisses Cosmetics (R.K.C) is a cosmetic line bringing to you bright, bold & unique coloured cosmetics, starting with lipsticks. R.K.C is all about being you, looking unique and standing out in the crowd. Rainbow Kisses Cosmetics customers knows what it is to have an image, they take pride in being confident enough to be different while having the “all eyes on me “ effect. Rainbow Kisses Cosmetics customers are trendy, fashion forward, comfortable with themselves, dislikes  fitting in, loves to try new things and are very daring. R.K.C takes Pride in offering cosmetics for women and men. We are all different in some way whether it’s by race, age, nationality, gender, sexuality and the list goes on. R.K.C is here for everyone no matter your age, gender or race we will have a product for you. Our lipsticks are matte (but applies smoothly), Paraben free, hypoallergenic, higly pigmented  and comes in a cute compact tube that will fit anywhere on the go. Our Lip-scrubs are organic made from sugar cane."

If you would like to purchase a lipstick please so so at www.rainbowkissescosmetics.com

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