People ask me regularly how I became confident. 
How I learned to love my self.

The truth is it is a process. 
Filled with good days and bad. 
I forgive my self for my bad days.

But the one thing I am still learning and I think is important for people to try is…. Love your self without the additives.

What I mean by that is. Love the essence of your being. Who you truly are. This means not only loving your self because you finally got that car, degree, house, partner or any other external additive. But for who you are when you remove the physical possibly tangible parts of life. Your essence is who you are intrinsically… Love that first. I mean yes be proud of your accomplishments. But love who you would be if you had nothing.

Personally for me that means I am working on loving my ability to love, be passionate, honest, pensive/ thoughtful, ect….. I did not acquire these traits from the outside world but sometimes these things are the hardest to love….  Self Love to me means loving me as an actual person and human being. Not just things I can accomplish or gain.

It means loving my self when I am most difficult to love. During the highs and lows.... Self love is a process and daily journey of loving the person deep inside ourselves.