We believe that people are deserving of spaces to fall deeper in love with who and how they are.

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NiaZamar is the safe space I didn’t know I needed.  
I was drawn to the beautiful haircare artistry but found a community. 
I have a membership, I use it for classes, haircare and discounts on products.
 When I leave I feel like I look good,
 but even more importantly my heart and mind feels good.
— Our membership goal

NiaZamar Healing Circle


NiaZamar Partnership is $7 a month membership plan. 

We are your co-creative and life style accountability partners. The partners plan is perfect for recommitting to not only your self-care routine but a wellness lifestyle.

No minimum services or purchases required for The Partners Plan, Opt in or out with ease.

  • Join a community of accountability partners

  • Collect points for each service, product and class. Use points for additional discounts.

  • Birthday discounts

  • Special membership rates

  • Access beauty wellness consultants

  • Access to personalized one-on-one classes

  • Receive a monthly love letter with discount codes, tips and activities

  • First access product release and limited edition products

  • Monthly Membership support, you can cancel anytime.

  • Booking deposit fee waived * late cancelation fee still applies

  • Special Partners only events and content shares

This plan is perfect for those invested in a structured and routine wellness practice and seeking ongoing partnership on their journey.

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