Hair-Care Services 

 Services provided by NiaZamar: Redefining Beauty all aim to support self-love and empowerment for each client.The goal is to not only style your hair but to provide you with a unique and custom look that best suits your personality. Each appointment will provide you with information and skills to continue to care for your hair at home. 

The relationship with your hair is a unique and special bond requiring attention and communication. As your stylist, we will facilitate the growth of your friendship with your hair. Our goal is to help you to build a healthy life long relationship with your hair.

Services can be booked for special events or daily up-keep and maintenance. Services are also mobile and appointment only. Please review our policies for more information regarding client services.



Some of our services include:

  • Curly Cuts

  • Natural Styling

  • Braids

  • Hair Colour

  • Custom Wigs

  • Custom Bundle Colours

  • Interlocking and Palm Rolling

  • Crochet Braids

And many more. 



Make-Up Artistry Services 

NiaZamar will provide one on one client services with the goal of maintaining healthy skin and providing custom looks. These services aim to support clients in becoming more knowledgable and educated in regards to personal skin care and make-up application. Clients will be supported in achieving their personal best selves based on their goals, while being aided by our artistic assistance.

With a speciality in walking clients through new experiences, services are perfect for everyone from avid make-up wears to beginners just dabbing in make-up. 

Services can be booked for special events or regular up-keep and maintenance. Services are also mobile and appointment only. Please review our policies for more information regarding client services. 



Weddings and Bridal 

NiaZamar is rooted in love and works hard to support its growth. We know it is an honour to be present on your beautiful momentous day. After many years of providing beauty services at weddings we know they can be very stressful and the process of joining two beautiful lives together takes time and planning. We bring patience and understanding to your wedding day, so that you don't have to worry about your look. Our goal is to support with hair and make-up services that bring out the true beauty of each person and their love. Weddings symbolize love and commitment; we want you to leave all your beauty worries to us and enjoy your new beginning. 

With patience and love we hope to help you look like the best version of your self in all your pictures. May each memory be filled with love and beauty. 

As a congratulations gift, we offer hair and make-up package discounts! 


one on one.png


Book a one-on-one beauty class with NiaZamar and allow us to share beauty secrets, tutorials, theories and practical skills all based on your specific needs. We will teach you how to purchase and use the right make-up/hair products for your lifestyle and image.

  • Make-up application for your skin tone

  • Easy at home make-up application 

  • Hair care regimen consultations  

  • Wellness and self-love routines for overall improved confidence

  • How to care for Black hair




Client Reviews 

Name: Ameerah C.

Subject: No Pressure

Message: I've had a couple of services done by Tanya, crochet twists and a wig, and bless her she has been so informative from beginning til end. I had no idea where even to begin and she made it seem so easy. She will definitely give you options and not pressure you as the stylist to do things outside of your comfort zone. It was a wonderful and sacred experience.

Name: Nia Herlihy

Subject: Patience galore!!

Message: Tanya came to our place because it was the first time my daughter’s hair was being done. I was feeling nervous about how it would go (and it didn’t help that my daughter just finished having a tantrum before the appointment started! Tanya was super patient and kind with my daughter, and taught me a lot about what to do with her hair. I already can’t wait for her next visit!

Name: Brie Berry

Subject: A Curly Girl Blessing!

Message: My appointment with Tanya was such a lovely experience, she was so calm and patient with me (I am very protective about my hair and get nervous when it needs to be trimmed or handled by someone new). We talked about everything from school to life to current issues and I really appreciated it - it felt like having a day with an old-time friend. She is truly a gift hairdresser, she starts with a consultation about your hair, your goals and your current routine, then she spends some time analyzing your hair providing guidance and tips during and after the process.

I've been wearing my hair natural now for about 5 years and I've struggled to find someone who could properly trim and style my hair while curly - enter Tanya, who was able to trim my hair without losing too much length and giving me mushroom head! I left my appointment feeling confident and satisfied.

Name: Nyakel Youdid

Subject: Grounding experience

Message: Tanya, provided a very grounding experience for me. It wasn't just about hair, we talked about our life experiences, growing up in Canada, academia, music, life aspirations, family, and so much more. She provided a very sisterly experience, that was invaluable to me. Most importantly, she was soo kind with me, i was embarrassed about my lack of neglect with my hair. During the summer i was going through relapses with my health and that hugely affected my hair care, even booking the appoint itself was difficult. So i am happy she was so kind to me, she gave no judgment, just understanding and love. Thank you Tanya you are very valued and appreciated. Happy to start my new journey with you. Continue being the black magical woman that you are!

Name: Cassandra Thompson

Subject: My Most Magical Cut and Vibrant Violet Colour

Message: Thank you. Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU! One of the hardest things for me to do is find someone I trust my hair with; both its bounty and pattern. Not only did Tanya give me a flawless and healthy cut, she also gave me an opportunity for healing around the way I perceive my hair. I walked out not only looking amazing, but I truly FELT amazing and anyone who has seen me since the cut and colour has said they can tell I FEEL good. She not only gives you what you want, but she brings your personality out in the style she gives you and care she provides. Much, much love! <3

Name: Susanne Nyaga

Subject: Crotchet Braids

Message: Had a great experience with Tanya! She did an amazing job and I have been receiving compliments about my hair ever since I left her building. She was great at checking in and providing a safe space for conversation and silence. She also went above and beyond and asked me about my hair goals then provided advice to help me reach them. I am so glad I got recommended to her and will definitely be back again.

Name: Sandra Fontenelle

Subject: Great experience

Message: My first experience has been positive from the moment I sent an email with questions to getting my hair done.
Kellie was my hairstylist. She took time to find out my skin and hair goals. How I wanted my hair done that day. Kellie is a down to earth, friendly, open person so it made the time fly as she styled my hair.
I got the style I wanted even if that meant Kellie had to do extra work to achieve it.
After my session I got n email wil suggestion of hair products that would work well for my style and hair.
It was definitely a great experience and I'm loving my hairstyle.

Name: Krystal Layne

Subject: Amazing

Message: I told Tanya about the problems I was having with my hair. She made suggestions on what I can do to keep my hair from breaking. I decided to do a protective hair style ( Braids) and it looked beautiful. I got so many compliments on my hair. I will be going back to see Tanya for many more hair styles. A couple days after, I got an email with products I should buy to keep my hair from breaking. Tanya is really helpful and I recommend everyone to go and get their hair styled by her.

Name: Alicia Enniss

Subject:Symbiotic Beauty Launch

Message: I first was introduced to what i'll call the wonderful world of Tanya :) when I won professional head shots at the Symbiotic Beauty Launch. In relation to my experience with Tanya, from the the onset it was a great experience, I appreciated the level of professionalism. Reaching out to me and staying in contact about winning the prize (to be honest l was thinking "I'll never hear from her", but she made it her duty to get in touch and honour her commitment, so that was greatly appreciated). When the day came she was on time, ready to go, had a vision before hand, could see I was nervous and respected that but still went out of her way to make me comfortable. Her warmth was palpable!

Name: Bedour Alagraa

Subject: The best hair stylist ever!

Message: T is a hair and heart healer! So much more than a stylist. I'm eagerly awaiting my permanent move back to Toronto this summer so that I can have regular sessions with T. I can immediately feel the difference in my hair health as soon as she's done, she truly has a gift. If you're looking for an affirming, inspiring experience, T is the one!

Name: Nadia Ebrahim

Subject: Hair Cut & Colour

Message: Tanya did an amazing job with my hair cut and colour! I wasn't sure what direction I wanted to take my hair in but Tanya guided me and gave me well informed opinions. This was my first time colouring my hair and I completely trusted her with the job! Tanya also gave me helpful tips that I could incorporate into my regular hair routine and I still use them to this day. Overall, Tanya knows exactly what she is doing, she cares for her artistry as well as her clients - would definitely recommend her!

Name: Jenna Faye

Subject: My curls came back to life!

Message: Tanya is THE BEST with my curls! I walked with into her salon with super long, dried out, frizzy hair and left with gorgeous shape, volume and happy hydrated curls. She took time to understand the changing relationship I have with my hair as I get older, and made sure the cut we co-created would fit with my lifestyle. Every time I work with her I feel seen, understood and beautiful. Thanks Tanya!!! <3

Name: Tracy A

Subject: Amazing

Message: I don't know where to start with this review other then with a thank you. Thank you Tanya for being an amazing stylist, workshop facilitator and a listening ear. Not only has T worked magic on my hair and on the hair of those I love, she has done so with a compassion and care that is amazing. Her work is phenomenal and her passion is undeniable. Thank you for all you do and will continue to do !

Name: Pascale Diverlus

Subject: My fierce hairdresser

Message: Everytime I come to see Tanya I leave a new woman. She is a genius with her craft. She pours love, attention, and creativity into every hairstyle. There is literally nothing she can't do. I will come in with a simple idea and she will transform me into a goddess. I also had the pleasure of getting my makeup done by her; she made me feel and look like a queen!! I love Tanya so much it is a joy to have her bless my head!

Name: Tsibbah Andemariam

Subject: Cut & Style, Wash & Go

Message: Thank you T for the amazing cut and wash and go style!! Leaving your salon made me feel like a whole new person. I left more confident about my hair and its abilities. Before coming to Nia Zamar, I had explained to T how much I was struggling with finding different ways to style my hair naturally and how I could not find a hair stylist who was willing to cut my hair without blowdrying it straight or flat ironing my hair. T took the time to listen to me and ask me questions so that she could truly understand the relationship I had with my hair. It was truly amazing how much patience she had, she really put a lot of care and love into every strand of my hair. It's really nice to know that I can have full confidence in a hair stylist who will listen to your needs, support you, and make you happy. I love that T always starts with a conversation, it allowed me to really open up about my current relationship with my hair and the relationship I want to have with my hair in the future. Thank you so much for reminding me that it's a process filled with love, nervousness, and excitement and especially for making me look oh so fly!!
I am so excited for my hair journey and to be sharing it with you! 

Much love xo


Name: Melissa Waterman

Subject: First time twisting experience

Message:  It was my very first time ever having twists or any type of extensions. When I was referred to Tanya, not only did she put me at ease but she transformed me into a beautiful Goddess. I was going away on vacation. I have always wanted to install twists so I didn't have to fight the fro in humid weather. I was overly impressed with her knowledge and professionalism. Sheer talent at its best! Thanks for the amazing transformation!

Name: Simone Wright

Subject: Master of her craft!

Message: I have been working with T on my hair journey for the past few years and have noticed a great difference in my hair! T takes the time to analyze and access your hair and provide recommendations for you to try at home. I trust her knowledge, ability and creativity that I usually let her have carte blanche when it comes to styling my hair. Integrity and creativity is what T exudes and what keeps me coming back!

Name: Lauren Snider

Subject: Wedding Hair & Makeup Trial

Message: Friendly conversation, excellent quality product, and easy going expertise makes for a wonderful and relaxing experience. Everything goes on like butter and Tanya is one of the few people to successfully tackle my unruly mane. She listens to your concerns, mine being a bad breakout with some scarring, and works with you to find a solution you are comfortable with.

Name: Alyssa Minaj

Subject: You're sooo amazing!

Message: Hey just wanted to tell you, you are super brilliant and keep up amazing work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Angelyn Francis

Subject: The exact shape I want!

Message: I went to Tanya for a curly cut and she gave me exactly what I wanted! We started with a consultation to go over what my hair goals are, my current routine and what issues I'm facing. She started with a through wash to get rid of all my buildup, worked out a shape based on photos and qualities about my hair I like and dislike, and the shape is exactly what I wanted. And all through the appointment we played Solange's 'A Seat at the Table'. Yes.

Name: Shadia Ebrahim

Subject: AMAZING cut & color

Message: I was absolutely amazed with Tanya's final work. I walked in and had an idea about what I wanted to do with my hair, but Tanya was able to put vision into perspective. After she cut my hair I was already excited about the results then she started the colouring process which was just the cherry on top! She provided me with guidance and tips on how to create my own hair routine in order to continue my healthy hair journey. It's always such a great positive environment along with bumping music! If you're looking for a talented individual to work their magic on you...I DEFINITELY recommend Tanya

Name: Kamali Ricketts


Message: 2 years ago Tanya was recommended by a family friend of mine to finally start my dreadlock journey. While I must admit at first I was a little hesistant in letting her do my hair, but I'm happy I went with her! 2 years later and my dreads look amazing. Thanks again Tanya! Much Love!

Name *



Workshop Reviews 

Name: Anon

Subject: Good For Her Sacred Self-Care

Message: I needed a better definition of self-love, which I believe I received. While I would of loved more strategies, the tools I received were good. I the power pose, it was silly and awesome at the same time. Writing a letter to my self and learning how to provide more care to my self was helpful.

The activities and pace of vulnerability was good, the facilitator was good at responding to different things we brought up and specific needs. I loved the tips for honouring my body. I felt affirmed that I already had many tools for self-care.

Name: Tumaini Ly

Subject: WEAVE Program Coordinator 2015-2016 @ SKETCH

Message: Tanya is brilliant. She breaks down the wealth of her knowledge to make it accessible. I have learned a lot from her ranging from; business management, branding, marketing, braiding and many other fibre art forms. I love that in all aspects of her facilitation, she always encourages us to tell a story about who we are/are becoming, she continually affirms that our personhood and spirit are deeply intertwined in all that we do - it is what makes us authentic. Tanya brings a lot of care, gentility and thoughtfulness to her work and art, and I appreciate her so so much for that.

Name: Anonymous 

Subject: Public Health Workshop for Youth Workers 

Message: That workshop was so simple, but brilliant (simply brilliant). Thank you so much for being so generous with your self and your time. You folks are amazing, please keep doing what you're doing! :) 

Name: Anonymous 

Subject: Public Health Workshop for Youth Workers 

Message: Thank you, Tanya and Kayla for finding simple ways to bring so much meaning to the session- from the opening question, " What are you excited about?" to the letter to ourselves, to naming what we needed most in that moment, to humanizing the social determinant of health and expanding the definition of self-care. Very humane and so effective. Its rare to strike that balance. Thanks again for sharing your talents.  

Name: Anonymous 

Subject: Public Health Workshop for Youth Workers 

Message: Thank you for allowing me to feel comfortable to express me. 

Name: Anonymous 

Subject: Public Health Workshop for Youth Workers 

Message: Thank you for giving space for people to get in touch with themselves in a field where we spend so much time working with others instead of focusing on what we might need. 

Name: Anonymous 

Subject: Public Health Workshop for Youth Workers 

Message: Thank you so much for an amazing presentation. Thoughtful + insights brought up and I admire you both for sharing your stories. 

Name: Anonymous 

Subject: Public Health Workshop for Youth Workers 

Message: Tanya and Kayla are amazing, articulate women.  I am inspired by these women to be brave, vulnerable and unapologetic. 

Name: Anonymous 

Subject: Public Health Workshop for Youth Workers 

Message: Thanks for reminding me why I'm really here. 

Name: Anonymous 

Subject: Public Health Workshop for Youth Workers 

Message: The letter to myself was really empowering, thanks for your workshop. Both of you are awesome. :)

Name: Anonymous 

Subject: Public Health Workshop for Youth Workers 

Message: It was deep and very relatable. I would love to have you guys come to our school to speak more to our youth. 

Name: Alicia Enniss

Subject: BrAIDS for AIDS 

Message: My second interaction with Tanya came when she was one of the facilitators for the BrAIDS for AIDS workshop. She again was super professional as I had come to expect, but because of the type of workshop it was, she also made sure to be open, approachable, and perceptive. Her segments were always chock-full of detailed info broken down in a way that was easily "digestible" for a novice hair care expert as myself. She was very hands on and willing to answer any questions. Her priority was providing accurate hair care information in a sea of misinformation and also creating a safe space to openly discuss sexual health, and self care.

I'm so grateful to have met Tanya and I know whether the world's ready or not she is definitely coming to take it over and I wish her continued success on her journey and will to be a consummate supporter because she has proven that she is more than deserving of it! 

Alicia Enniss

Name: Raz Rotem lead artist, Weave -We Are a Part of the Fabric, 2014

Subject: Tanya Turton joined us at Weave as a guest artist bringing her expertise inhair weaving and braiding. 

Message: Weave -We Are A Part of the Fabric, a community arts project funded by TAC and OAC, and runs in collaboration with SOY, SKETCH and the FibreWebs Collective

(Affiliated with the Toronto Guild of Spinners and Weavers).  As a part of our exploration of the fibre arts in the context of the queer community, Tanya initiated us into the creation an artwork made with hair weaves and hair extensions (see pictures of work in progress. we will update pictures as work develops....The plan is that this piece will end up at world pride and will be left as legacy for SOY).  Tanya taught us various braiding and weaving techniques .....and more: Tanya's collaborative and  innovative approach to education, art and community building sparked in our group insights of which we are looking forward to explore with her guidance in our upcoming sessions. 

Name: Janiece McIntosh

Subject: The Power of Lipstick! (My Body Is my Canvas) 

Message: Just wanted to say that working with Tanya has been amazing! Her expertise, talent, self love and confidence inspire me. She helped me to come out of my 'no lipstick' phase and step into an era where lipstick promotes my beauty and self expression. Lots of Love FABU PHIT- Janiece McIntosh

Name: Jean Boampong

Subject: Redefining Beauty Workshop for the Village Bloggurls May, 2015

Message: Tanya is a dear friend of mine that I have known for what seems like forever. So I knew when I wanted to do a workshop around self-care and beauty with the girls' group I work with - The Village Bloggurls - I had to call her up to get her to do one of hers.

She took us through what redefining beauty really means by getting to know us, as well as helping us getting to know ourselves and using ourselves as a reference as to what we want our beauty to look like. I really appreciated that Tanya took into account that all of our girls are girls of colour. It is so important to really affirm that for girls that are so often given the notion that they are included when mainstream media mentions "girls". 

We got to ask a ton of questions (me mostly as I know zero about make-up) and got to help each other redefine beauty by applying make-up, doing our nails, and just being present with each other. I really loved the way Tanya guided us through the process.

The girls' feedback was super overwhelming because almost all of them mentioned Tanya's workshop as their favourite of the entire year (we started in September of last year!!) because she really got them thinking and getting to ask critical questions about themselves. They also really appreciated the tips that she gave as well as the care she showed for them. 

I hope that I can get Tanya to come back to our space and do another workshop around Self-Care because that's what the girls really want! *crosses fingers*

Thank you so much Tanya for your amazing workshop! I'm so proud of you!!!

- Jean

P.S. a blog post on our site about your workshop will be coming soon on !!!!

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