NiaZamar FAQ


Are mobile appointments available? 

Yes, we provide mobile appointments within Toronto for a additional fee of $30 for travel 

How are braids quoted and priced? 

There is a base price and additional charge based on length and size. Please send a picture of your preferred look for a more accurate quote. 

Braids, Faux Locs and twists are each beautiful time consuming, yet sacred skills passed down from generations. In order to honour the skill required for this technique we quote based on length and size as an indication of how many hours we need to complete the desired look. We pride our self on equal energy exchange here at NiaZamar and price braids to ensure they are equal to or surpass the living wage in Toronto. Equal exchange keeps all of our vibrations high. 

Do you provide the hair for my style/braids? 

NiaZamar does not provide braiding hair for box braids or styles. We currently do not stock any hair in the studio, if previous clients leave hair behind to pay it forward we will provide some for those who have brought their own supply and need a little extra. Prior to your appointment if you are unsure how much hair to purchase please clarify with your stylist. 

Do you provide starter Loc services?

We do provide Loc care services. We believe that the process of Locs is not simply an outside process but a decision to go on an inner journey and we choose to discuss that with clients in advance. The techniques used are palm roll and interlock. 

Will I be charged extra to shampoo my hair in advance? 

Many of our prices are created to provide our clients full service without the fear of being rushed out. You will always have the option of being shampooed before your style. 

There is an extra fee if you require a take down service of a previous look. 

How are hair cuts priced? 

Your cut is priced based on the steps involved to complete the look, and how much time it will take for your full appointment. Cuts are priced from $40-95 for the full service depending on if your are getting a trim, blow-out, wash and go or flat ironed look.  

Here at NiaZamar we truly believe your hair is your crown and the gateway to so much of your energy. We provide one-on-one services to ensure that you are able to get the full care needed to relax and release during your cut. 

Are there services available for men? 

We serve clients of all genders with a focus on providing holistic care to anyone who feels left out and marginalized in today’s beauty industry because of any aspect of their identity. We aim for our clients to feel witnessed and beautiful inside and out. That includes all genders Cis and Trans alike. 

I need my services provided in a private room, is that possible? 

Yes! We are excited to be a safer space providing one-on-one services. Our small studio space is perfect for anyone seeking a discreet and private appointment. Please specify that you need this upon booking and we will ensure to provide this service. 

I have a child may I bring them? 

We understand that child care is not always available and would love to have your little ones in the space. We recommend you bring materials to keep them entertained and occupied.  We do require that you keep an eye on them and understand you are responsible for any potential damage to equipment in the space. We also provide mobile bookings for an additional $30 feefor those in Toronto. This has been helpful to many of our clients with little ones. 

Can I order a custom wig? 

We do create custom units for our clients for various rates depending on if it is a full unit, closure, frontal, needs cutting or colouring. 

We are working on providing exclusive hair for this service, and hope to have it available in 2018. For the moment you are responsible to purchase premium quality hair in advance for the best outcome. Wigs require a %50 deposit. All wigs are non-refundable. A complementary wig install is included in the original price. 

Can I purchase hair products in the studio? 

Yes, as a boutique studio we have a small selection of local cosmetics and hair care products available at your connivence. 

Where are workshops held and how do I sign up? 

Community workshops are held at a specific organization in collaboration with NiaZamar and can be signed up via the contact info on the flyer. 

Private workshops hosted by NiaZamar are held in our studio and you can sign up online via registration or by emailing 

Online workshops can be purchased directly online via the purchase education section.