Workshops and Classes 

NiaZamar provides a series of different workshops aimed at empowering people in their every day lives. We don't only share valuable theories but practical skills for those wanting healthier hair, empowering make-up, and support on their self-care journey. Our goal is to provide useful tools and skills for holistic health. We believe beauty and health come from a balanced understanding of self and your unique needs.

Our educators are experienced, compassionate, non-judgmental women of colour from diverse fields in beauty, social work, and health. With years of facilitation experience we enter each workshop prepared to go on the journey with you.

Our workshops capacities are 10 people, we keep them small in order to give you the attention and care you deserve. 



 Are you struggling to understand your hair? Are you searching for a healthier relationship with your hair? Does your hair seem stagnate? 

Join NiaZamar in conversation and hands on tutorials. Sit with us as we provide methods to care for the unique needs of your hair, explain the limitations of the 1234/ABC typing system, release beauty school secrets, and facilitate a relationship with your hair that allows you to fall back in love with your oldest friend.  


Offer yourself: 




Unconditional Love. 


Continue the process till every fear and hurt is washed away by the ocean of your tears, love of your heart, and root of your soul.  

"Sometimes loving yourself means listening to your intuition. There is ancient wisdom in the pit of your stomach.” - NiaZamar 

Healing can be easier with group support. If you have been on the journey alone and need additional support please join us as we provide tangible tools for the process of self-love and healing. 



Mind, Body, Heart and Soul. Like the four elements of nature they are essential to the ecosystem of life. Each element is a balance of the next, producing growth and renewal. Join NiaZamar for a step-by-step hands-on workshop exploring the four elements of health and beauty. We will support the process of aligning your personal ecosystem, your health, and beauty regimen. 


Face painting can be traced back to many cultures and people as an act of strength and spiritual purpose. Make-up can be an act of grounding, meditation and adorning. NiaZamar would like to teach you fundamental skills for make-up application and customizing your make-up routine to be empowering. 


When was the first time you felt beautiful? Can you recall that moment? How you felt? What made it possible? What is beauty to you and how do you define it? Is love central to the equation? 

Allow NiaZamar to take you on a journey of self-discovery and redefinition. We aim to provide a supportive space that redefines beauty with you and love at the centre. Allow us to facilitate a space to discuss identity, healing, and the stories that inform us.