Education and Events

Workshops are designed and developed to empower all. By connecting with community through story telling and discussions exploring identity, self-love, healing, art, and beauty, you will experience a greater sense of confidence, skills, and community connection.

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Online Education 

Make-up 101

Face painting can be traced back to many cultures and people as an act of strength and spiritual purpose. Make-up can be an act of grounding, meditation and adorning. NiaZamar would like to teach you fundamental skills for make-up application and customizing your empowering make-up routine. 

Hair Care 101

This hair guide provides methods to care for the unique needs of your hair. Allow us to explain the limitations of the 1234/ABC typing system, release beauty school secrets and facilitate a relationship with your hair that allows you to fall back in love with your lifetime friendship.


Products and Cosmetics 

Our products are for your body, mind, and soul. With an understanding that feeling beautiful requires outer and inner support, each product is meant to empower your self-expression, self-love and artist soul. We encourage unapologetic self-care; our products provide a way to wear your inner self on the outside. 

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Unapologetic Collection 

Try our new bold spring collection full of cream to matte lipsticks. Also try our star crystal glitters for an extra pop of sparkle. 


Affirm Collection 

Try our liquid to matte fall collection. Each colour is a self-love letter and affirmation for daily life. 

Book Us! 

Services provided by NiaZamar: Redefining Beauty all aim to support self-love and empowerment in each client. The goal is to not only style your hair and apply your make-up, but to provide you with a healing space, support your journey and customize your look to best suit your personal needs.

Services can be booked for special events or regular up-keep and maintenance. Services are also mobile and appointment only. Please review our policies for more information regarding client services. 


Hair Care 

Services provided by NiaZamar: Redefining Beauty all aim to support self-love and empowerment for each client.The goal is to not only style your hair but to provide you with a unique and custom look that best suits your personality. Each appointment will provide you with information and skills to continue to care for your hair at home. 

The relationship with your hair is a unique and special bond requiring attention and communication. As your stylist, we will facilitate the growth of your friendship with your hair. Our goal is to help you to build a healthy life long relationship with your hair.



NiaZamar will provide one on one client services with the goal of maintaining healthy skin and providing custom looks. These services aim to support clients in becoming more knowledgable and educated in regards to personal skin care and make-up application. Clients will be supported in achieving their personal best selves based on their goals, while being aided by our artistic assistance.

With a speciality in walking clients through new experiences, services are perfect for everyone from avid make-up wears to beginners just dabbing in make-up. 



Workshops are designed and developed to empower all who participate. Each workshop provides a space to discuss experiences and tell stories. These stories come through in conversation and art creation. Each of our unique and special identities are attached to beautiful stories of resilience. Through connecting to community and having a space to discuss identity, self-love, healing, art, and beauty, participants will access a greater sense of confidence and community connection.