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Beauty Wellness Membership

We believe that people are deserving of spaces to fall deeper in love with who and how they are. NiaZamar: Redefining Beauty is a beauty wellness social enterprise, empowering self-love via mind, body, and soul. Since 2015, we created safer spaces for holistic wellness and healing. Using make-up artistry, hair care, education and visual media. We provide spaces for affirmation and renewal.

Our membership program was created to foster a deeper sense of community and allow us to best service the needs of our unique clientele. Are you a newbie trying out beauty services for the first time? Please be our Guest! Or are you a NiaZamar regular who has been a part of community visiting us as the seasons change for your regular touch up? Welcome back Friend! Or are you deeply committed to your self -care routine, booking regular appointments, attending events and seeking a support system for your wellness journey? We are your accountability partner. There is something for everyone in the NiaZamar House.

Our Goal is for our members to say :

"NiaZamar is the safe space I didn't know I needed.  I was drawn to the beautiful hair-care artistry but found a community. I have a membership, I use it for classes, hair-care and discounts on products. 
When I leave I feel like I look good, but even more importantly my heart and mind is clear. "



NiaZamar Guests is for those who are new to their beauty wellness journey or visit infrequently. This is great for those who are dipping their toe in the water and wanting to try something new before committing to a routine. 

  • Free service loyalty card for 15% off on 6th appointment.

  • Booking Confirmation Fee of $25 

  • Email and Bookings 

  • Free First service visit consultation follow-up email with customized hair regimen.



NiaZamar Friendship is a Free membership plan for those who regularly, use products and services (5+ purchases yearly). We work with you to suppurt your beauty wellness journey. 

  • 10% off on Birthday Hair or Make-up Services

  • Booking Confirmation Fee of $25 

  • 10% off on Birthday products 

  • +5% off on services for members who refer a friend

  • Bi-Annual Newsletter 

  • Easy phone and text bookings 



NiaZamar Partnership is $12.50 a month and $120 yearly membership plan. 

We are your co-creative and life style accountability partners. We are only as great as the five people we spend the most time with, in our house we supply to community, team and network needed to support your greatness. The partners plan is perfect for recommitting to not only your self-care routine but a wellness lifestyle. This plan is perfect for those invested in a structured and routine wellness practice and seeking ongoing partnership on their journey.

  • No minimum services or purchases required for The Partners Plan

  • 15% off on all products and services 

  • +20% off on your Birthday Hair or Makeup services 

  • +10% off on services for members who refer a friend

  • Exclusive online self booking access 

  • Easy phone and text bookings 

  • Booking deposit fee waived (Please note late cancelation fee still applies )

  • Monthly Love Letter (Monthly Newsletter with tips and tricks for wellness practices, hair care and beauty)

  • Special Partners only events and content shares

  • Discounted and free event tickets 

  • VIP admission to Love Space Wellness Circles 

  • Exclusive product first releases 

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