Associate Artist Educator 

Poraits by

Kayla Carter

Facilitator and Educator 

Kayla Carter is a multidisciplinary artist, educator, and healer. She is a Toronto-based black, disabled, femme survivor who is of Jamaican, Cuban, and Maroon ancestry and believes that her existence is not accidental, but very deliberate. 

Her work focuses on ancestral and intergenerational trauma, shame, healing, queerness, race, gender, disability justice and what it means to be unabashedly human. As a healer, Kayla’s work focuses on mental health, self-care, self-love ancestral and intergenerational trauma, sustainable forms of healing, and radical reproductive justice/healing. 

She recently graduated Suma Cumae Laude from York University with a Masters Degree in Health Studies, where she wrote her thesis entitled the telling, the making and the haunting, which focused on race, mental health, gender and trauma. 

She would like to thank her ancestors and remind them that their work was not in vain. She would also like to acknowledge the Mississaugas of the Credit River and unceded Three Fires Confederacy Territories, as the land where she is currently a settler.