Artist Feature 

Art has an ability to connect us all and build community. It is an empowering tool to tell our stories and share our vision. This page is dedicated to all the artist who make NiaZamar possible but also all the artist who are telling stories and creating change. 

Please feel free to connect with these community artist. Their talent and commitment in using art to change lives, support community, create equity, build love and empowerment is breath taking. Connect with them and lets shake up the world together. 

Website Photography 

 Thank you for being amazing. The patience and dedication it took for this all to come together is one that is treasured. Your ability to stay present for a full day shoot and share your art with NiaZamar is one we will forever be grateful for. Thank you. 


Sean Carson : Beyond Productions

Sketch Artist  

Alyssa Williams

Alyssa Williams was born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago. She is a self-taught sketch artist, a steel pannist Trinidad carnival enthusiast, and an active member of her communities while residing in Toronto. She is very expressive, and proactively uses her communication skills to foster more inclusive spaces through language.  Although a recent business graduate of Ryerson University, Alyssa strongly believes in the importance of community education and real lived experiences. For information about her community involvement or artwork contact Alyssa at 


Rodney Diverlus

Rodney Diverlus is a dancer, movement creator, interdisciplinary artist, activist, and professional ranter. His work weaves in his personal experiences as a son of Haiti,  multiple identities in the margins, formal/informal dance/theatre training, and a worldview rooted in his never ending search for justice. For more info visit or emailing

Musician & Writer  

Aja Fernandes 

Aja Fernandes is a musician and writer.  Her first language is music, followed closely by English.  She has studied piano extensively, and has taught piano for the past 20 years.  She has just completed writing a short play and is delving back into writing science fiction.  

For more information, or to book a piano lesson, contact Aja at: 


Nadia Ebrahim is a young professional creative based in Toronto. She specializes in fashion, portrait and lifestyle photography as well as styling and event planning.

Her artistic backgrounds include photography, painting and mixed media arts. Upon completing the International Baccalaureate Certificate Program for the Visual Arts she began working as a freelance photographer. Coordinating and planning various creative photoshoots for clients in the Toronto area. 

Currently attending Canada’s only university level Fashion Communications program at Ryerson University, Nadia continues to explore the world of fashion and photography through her own lens. 

Through her work she strives to be an agent of change in an industry that is constantly critiqued for its lack of diversity. Diversity and the empowerment of girls and women are truly at the base of Nadia’s creative regime. 

She has recently began styling for other photographers and is also working in fashion event planning. 

Nadia is always looking to collaborate with fellow creatives and looks forward to working with others. 


Work/ professional IG: @maridadii

BUSINESS Card Design 

Graphic Designer 

Simone Ramkissoon: Simbiotic Media 

Simbiotic Media is a boutique graphic design agency that focuses strongly on building relationships with young entrepreneurs and small businesses to ensure they receive the best designs.

Connect with her at: 


YoueTube VIdeo music 


Falana Music 

Raised by Nigerian parents in Brampton, Ontario, Falana’s sound began falling together in her home. Despite describing her parents as “non-musical”, they introduced her to the music of Fela Kuti, and King Sunny Adé. Noting pop’s prevalence at the time, she recalls writing love songs in the “traditional pop” style that she often heard on the radio. But it was upon listening to Lauryn Hill that her powerful and honest writing style really began to take form. As she got into high school, her musical tastes expanded. Sade, Maxwell, Amy Winehouse and Erykah Badu were added to her playlists alongside Nina Simone, Etta James, and Duke Ellington.

Unable to begin recording music the way she wanted in Canada, and while still in the process of exploring her artistic voice, Falana decided to travel to Havana, Cuba. It was in Cuba where she would spend a year, performing, developing and end up recording her debut EP “THINGS FALL TOGETHER”. She credits her time in Cuba for leading her to hone a sound that she calls “Soul Fusion”, her very own blend of jazz, soul, afrobeat, and R&B.