Our membership program was created to foster a deeper sense of community and allow us to best service the needs of our unique clientele. We believe that people are deserving of spaces to fall deeper in love with who and how they are.

NiaZamar Partnership is $10 a month membership plan. 

We are your cocreative and life style accountability partners. You are only as great as the five people you spend the most time with, in our house we provide space for community, team and network needed to support your greatness. The partners plan is perfect for recommitting to not only your self-care routine but a wellness lifestyle. This plan is perfect for those invested in a structured and routine wellness practice and seeking ongoing partnership on their journey.

No minimum services or purchases required for The Partners Plan. You can easily opt in or out as your needs change.

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Receive :

  • Access to personalized one-on-one classes

  • +20% off on your Birthday Hair or Makeup services 

  • +10% off on services for members who refer a friend

  • Exclusive online self booking access 

  • Booking deposit fee waived * late cancelation fee still applies

  • Monthly Love Letter (Monthly Newsletter with tips and tricks for wellness practices, hair-care and beauty)

  • Special Partners only events and content shares

  • Discounted and free event tickets 

  • VIP admission to Love Space Wellness Circles 

  • Exclusive product first releases